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Daniel Y. Harris, excerpts from The Misprision of Agon Hack, Volume IV, The Posthuman Series

The Misprision of Agon Hack
Digital Bricolage, Daniel Y. Harris
manuscript cover for The Misprision of Agon Hack,
Volume IV, The Posthuman Series

excerpts from The Misprision of Agon
Volume IV, The Posthuman Series

ASCII code 52 = 4 

Agon Hack is no paedohebeëpheboteleiophiliac
The spigot ricochets off the unsprung trap.
               Dent inflicts—undilutes the alleged
                              respite<action android:name=
                                             SMS_RECEIVED” />. 
                              Underskin offa on ℝn except
when n = 4 or trauermusik. Agon’s last alleluias 
               forte (S-copula-P), is first slick, then sticky.

               Hypoyo—(metaphora, epiphora,
                              allotrios)—postures proximity. Clog
the bulk’s cog in a sog. Spill a shelf, ease back,
               hit the jolt. Hibernaculum’s divide
               sets Config_URL = System.AppDomain.
                              & “HellBoy.config, against
                              mammae cocks. Cast

               the pheromone’s 2 ↑↑ 2 = 2 ↑↑↑ 2 = 4=
                              /jah/—DIAPHANE. With a snake,
                                             Agon traverses Nut’s
                              body—now a forteceticelli,
               subglobose in shape, dextral,
                              globosely conic, with flattened whorls.

                              Q !AH.yye1fxo ID: 5997a0 >> 180137
                              (Qresearch 52=4) 01.27.18
               GMT+1: 19:21:01—in embryo skulls,
               sortcross progeny. Agon accrues currency.
                              One malacoda. One Los Demiurgo.
                              One Etruscan design with terracotta
                                             antefixae. One authorial
                                             unity that calcifies. 
                                                            He’s the crucial
                                                            mock faddist.

ASCII code 53 = 5 

Agon Hack’s unfixity on Nostromo—the erosion
dial in stragmatics—bioports the dolphoid
               pool. Internal and external
                              prokaryotic symbionts 
               vy for supremacy’s (x_out - x_in
< 1.code 53 = 5) f_array[i] = 1.0;
                              //pathological case. 
                              Agon plugs his termite’s
hindgut with the Markov Diophantine
               equation: (1, 2, 5), (1, 5, 13), (2, 5, 29),
               (5, 13, 194), (5, 29, 433).  

At this semidiotic point, fatum’s divine fate
is an unfelt birth’s analytic fury. (Sa, Sa,
               gl, gl)—at their exequies,
               scaipods reclaim the taut
                              rectum. Black boxes
               indicate fossil taxa. Cancelbots 
               remove aïeul from glaïeul.
Cyberotics for Synthia avers E-chromi.
CMOEA extends bipedality’s ∇θJ(θ) ≈ 5 AH
                              PĦŊƪn i=5 AH(θi)∇θ log pƢǾDžθ(θi).

               Agon extends shisha karasha—aish
nay gum nay tayo—ayna gannakeena. Key
               words: glossolalia, xenolalia, cataphasia.
               Palaso. Shdntre. Kamoyent. Pozhar.
               Iazr. Corybantia planks the prong.
The skull’s trepan—daunsinge—his dignified
                              and commodiois sacrament
                              taps a grunt lap.

               Neurotopias without a corpus
collosum—Agon’s a mandragorae
                              in a schismatrix. Extropianists
                              frame/scaffold/bolster. Release
                                             the negative spike.

ASCII code 54 = 6 

Agon Hack’s a robo sapien, here in this(H±)
               —extropics versus hedonics—adventus,
               in contrast, justus et peccator.   
               Hylozoists enframe xvbepvntns’
                              (mostrare, and even demostrare),
                                             APOCALIPSIS/Z. Stands
                                             for prosopopeia—bisclavret
stares at garulf. Neotribe homo futurus
               in the sixth cyclotomic field Q(ζ6),  
               heckle hexakosioihexekontahexaphobes.
               Lotek at play. [CUE SHOOTS CONTROLS:
                              TRIPLE HELIX CONTROLS CRUSHED
                              VIA THE EXPEDITION FRACAS.]
                                    Agon’s scrutal—his malebranca’s
            # print(‘Your Dark_wave version ‘+color.BOLD
            + flv + color.END +’. \nSupported versions
                        are – ‘ + ‘- ‘.join(reversed
                              is pure terra jurnalis. O. Canadensis
               Nelsoni are killed with a projectile point.
Agon’s contransmagnificandjewbangtantiality 
               pastes laidup’s IRECAÉLONGSEA®GÉCIDES
                              DÉBARRASSÉ. 1) אathed 2) בerces
                              3) גnzaccio 4) דstruke 5) הertain
               6) וperugia—THAT’S PROTONILECODA…  
                              “START”: DEREPRODUUX LUX
                                             “D” ON A GO RAVE.  

Definiendum strokes definiens. Estanai feathers
               hormein. Emplum aZ saRo et pAy Poictiers.
               Glocal spreads for cyborgians. DIODA
                              SONDES AT LEAST 50%
                              REDUNDANT, coffins

ASCII code 55 = 7 

Agon Hack dons a Gothic Lolita. [INTERCUT
               EXTRACT CODED AS 55 = 7]— “v”: [“f_grave
_monument”, “f_grave_stone”, “f_grave_head”].
Flesh at obtuse angles—murion,
               concrete, the verb metapherein.
               All the expert awe misleads
               the drone. BASILISKEYE.
                              Actica + Asonab > Ometh 
               ± Nonhum + Azlor + Rilaf = Paleock. 
               2n − 7 = x2 is Agon’s Ramanujan–Nagell
               equation. Spamsoc versus Ingsoc 

espouses 7 blurs: 1) flint core 2) flint axe/adze
3) flint bifacial fragment 4) limestone grinding slab
               5) limestone mano/processor
                              6) basalt pestle
                              7) disc/whorl. Bot.Api.Send
               DocumentAsync(id, pack.VillagerDie
               Image, Villager Eaten”)—steely
               in the Chthulhucene. Their anticlinal 
vertebra slop the blob. Agon rejects data
               analysis software CAQDAS, NVivo,
                              Atlas.ti and NUDIST.  

Get down, baldpoll! Footpace (descende!) 
Cobwebs in red death. Hypercorsets
               on psydolls. Agons picks the Galvanic
                              Matter Transpositor
                              and the Haemostatic Capillary
                                             Pump Earring. Regulate
               the osmotic pump’s<EntityType
               Shape EntityType=“werewolfModel.Kill
               Method” Width=“1.5” PointX=“6” Point
                              Y=“11.25” IsExpanded=
               “true” />. See Agon’s cosplay
                              with white phylactery
                              and Medico della Peste mask.

ASCII code 56 = 8 

Agon “vernier axil” Hack droplocks dent, nolore
               even alert, a few slicks. Prefixpost
               as pollute lineage—foreach (var p
               in Players.Where(x => x.DiedLastNight
                              && x.PlayerRole != IRole.Harlot
                                             & !x.DiedFromKiller)). Pick
               the infold’s SI prefix 10008, yotta (Y),
                                             with its reciprocal, yocto (y).

Alter the etch, nymphet. Kiosks slope the pragma
               sermon. Messy relata’s slow slag underpins
               Agon’s sprachskepsis. Later, scholastics
                              deaccent the sift over. In white,
                              valeur aux ténèbres. Surplus
                              brack’s let(:mutation_a)     
               (subject_a, mutation_a_node)}, coax
               back the ceno. Sequelization is raw
cursion. Crease the corners for gawkers
                              in the membrane. Datamosh
                              at work. Deposition leach organic
                              material from bone.

               Agon’s victoriandustria flatlines nostalghia.
[Ƣbʁit mi¶la], bloody crups in vinyl
                              and latex lectrons. Vampyre’s
                              teledildonics glitch
               in gem.add_runtime_dependency
               (‘regexp_parser’, ‘~> ASCII code 56 = 8’.
                              Agon and Vampyre are deleuzional.
               TRANS-determined eligible under
                              Criterion ANTI. PNEUMA TES
                              GES THUMETHATE!
                              Pisha lu-u ZAL.LU
                                             Lishanusha Lu-u Tabtu.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Irene Koronas, excerpts from lithic cornea, Volume V, The Grammaton Series

The Cleaving of Biface* 
(30 x 40) acrylic painting, Irene Koronas
*first published in Offcourse Literary Journal 
lithic cornea, Volume V, The Grammaton Series 
manuscript cover 

excerpts from lithic cornea
Volume V, The Grammaton Series


sun diggers stuck
dogs wind god



center shot center

arrow heads
the cave turf
hidden in gaze


rain long
in run


lemenduce distortion
mise en scene

sky god
i.e. cauling water

utcha touches
his magico inheritance

fireball eater


open ibid
dismember machi ball

reindeer horns 
tin beasts (malakhai)

caps lace on plat
ash rose wood mask

the drum roots


780,000 ya aqov

acorn mash and bone soup

deliberate broads
euryale ferox clump lily range

starch seeds

typha rhizome
silyburn sniffle use

fossils embryophyte
large clade tissue

split 1,200 years
into vascular cuticles

liverwort chert

archaeopteris conifer
(wattieza) compression flat

taxa cupule

araucaria mirabilis
archaeopteris calanites


short tong wasps
120 millyears

                       invert pollens
                       mite kill (varros tructors)

230 beats confer

(cera alba) opis
his pupal pro chain

sternites the ventral seg
propolis slumgum

                         vaginates canal

ex cera opum saltem
in maxima parte


spirals’ patina graph 690 and 740
tied to juniper releases cicada
who eat dry people

moieries recite
a unilineal descent

flex the dual practice
unroll conclusion. exogamous
960-963a. xayeh appear

in tetramerous class outline.
home e prop their topcane

                                             yosi rey
                                             santu tenente
                                             towa e sebn
                                             towa puxu
                                             santu pika mayo


cloud bubs around covape
myself wet index
on a belt fish

(rare) bee eater shoots box

moss in reissued caves
his nostalgia and nomologue
loops the snatch trill

(see plate 1b)

as much about me as forme
cowpats rumination. tufts rumble
nest deep in diary blows

whiterump crown
and my nails scrape rock


ooze nutes prick’s
rescent clump
the ridge rut bump and hole

cross trickle feet
hump drystone dyke
when the field saxifrage

stringy plateau every low
head in damp places


goyles leap on us in vertical
spang with alpine lying down

one arm in paiute jag the other
in stallion mouth. two current bottles

fetid as a thirst bleached by knobs
slot canyon, pronged in sky. we finger

incise bowls. a circuitous approach
to filthy sage high as our heads.

chert seeps clean the arch
thrash. scrub oak pictographs

metate hematite freemonts
shaking a nudist pitchfork

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Rose Knapp, Apocryphon Song of Songs

Apocryphon Song of Songs, image by Rose Knapp

Apocryphon Song of Songs

Agnostic Singularities 

Agnostic Agni assonance 
Distortion rings Dadaist acid

Asymmetrical pyramidal Pythia 
Lines encircling scattering

Scourges of silver chromosome
Chromatic monistic Franciscan monk

Supreme Being and Timaeus 
Ontologically singularity contouring contortions

Metamodernist Gnostic Vsrses

Asymmetrical asylum schizophrenic
Atomic Thomistic Information Age

Afghani racing thoughts racist subliminal 

Demiurge dissociative apocryphal 
Song of Songs cantos Acanonical 

Magik magus’ halving Hellenic stalves
Hallucinatory hallowed Valentinus 

Gnostial Gospels 
Adonai Adorno Ad

Vermillion verses Heraclitian Augustinian automatist 

Naga Narcissi Nagasaki 
Surrealities Plurabelladonna

Nightshade Nero auto da Faye Augmentation 

Heresies of Inverses historiographic

Poetically crystalline pristine prismatic pyramidal Pythia 

Maniacal Czech cackling Affectivity Avignon absolutions absolutist 

Absinthe verities Venus’ datura Datasethian Vicar Vis a viit idian  

verisimilitude Assuming neon 

Neo-Plurabell platonic Forms
Neologisic neoplasmatic

Pegasus prismatic Prague 
Prayerful contemplating 

Voodoun Jamaican Jamesian Eschaton 
Eschatological imperial imperativity

Via Nova Gnosis

Catatonic Cathay Cathar 
Cis cityscape citadel 
Vivarium vita nova gnosis


Maniacal cacophonous cackling cabalistic 
Schizoaffective hallucinatory 
Gravitational swirling sharp shadow DÆmons


Splitting delirious selves 
Segment segregationist 

Serpentine kerosene ketamine 
Electronic electric Eckhartesque elves 

Lectio Divinia 

Lectio Divinia contemplation 
Contemporary anorexia analysts
Analects anaphylaxis analytic 

Continental infinity division divination 


Elit Eli Elocutions’ eloquently
Electronic [S]elves 
£€lijah visionaries Elohimalayqn

Godel Goddess Logic

Etruscan Europa Pan theistic Godot 
Theo Thea crimson 
OSocratic Iliadialogician  Godel

Diadem Dialogos 

Diamond Dis Isis Rose 
Ravenous Icis 
Diadem Deus Dialogos 

Psychedelic Teleological Dasein

panpsychism psychedelic 
Ajax shadow DÆmonic 
Design Dasein Psychiatry 

Gnostic LSD

Valentinus vorticist Voltas 
Vivarium Vicar Cortex 
Vortices of Gnosticis LSD

The Thunder, Perpetually Perfect Mind

Leonids of black/red marble 
Jade obsidian onyx
Statuettes peer pulverizing 

Gazing both apotheosis praxis
And Enoch Apocryphon 

Zoroastrian Perpetually 
The Thunder Perfect PCP Mind

Euthanasia Eschatology 

Euthanasia Europa 
Enoch Eschatological 
Imperial imperative

Constantine’s Mise en abyme

Cosmological argumentation 
Constantine’s Midrashic 
Mise emblazoning en abyme

Valentinus Lucidities 

Roses and Ali alien
Narcissi nationale

All possible worlds

Best of all possible worlds
Or worst of all possible worlds 

Dadaist data datura 
shadow beings

Ontological Argument 

If a Being than which no 
greater can be conceived
and which exists is sound

Than what sort of demiurge exists 
Can also be said to be Eckhartesque 

Omniscient vivisectionist 

Omnibus omnipresent 
Omnipotent omniscient 
Vivarium Vicar vivisect

Omnipresent zealots Firestorm 

Faux fox la femmes prac crimson 
Crit Writ Logos Mystical mythos 
Eros erupts as omniscient firestorm

Daniel Y. Harris, excerpts from The Misprision of Agon Hack, Volume IV, The Posthuman Series

The Misprision of Agon Hack Digital Bricolage, Daniel Y. Harris manuscript cover for The Misprision of Agon Hack , Volume IV, The ...