Sunday, March 21, 2021

Mark Young, last words

 The Wanted, image by Mark Young

last words



eyes of shoulder all
anyone mirror him
hand hours fingers
had girl else change
numbers baths contents
oldest beads longer listened
deal friendly homes
two burglaries give them
phone scene kill
with entered narrative
watch unafraid news
closely asking building
share closed
but mint kiss born cat
older lit whisper him
right & me embankment
work above there stroke
shrugged valley
this doing it arm luck
cream problems & spite


bolt with maybe hurt something
his directions hesitated nothing
people names regulars
second laughed walked
from kind collar police
her stolen changed off
with laptops asshats lied
persuasive her detective
up interrupted pair call
here closet mouth
there house no gun
her police special
shush help nothing
burger because had boy
match suspicious friends
awesome husband away
rattled identified fridge
room him climbed
stupid alive night
wonderful okay stared left


house darkness                                                                  the away
gloved members                                                      doing back-
ground Hawaiian                                    men didn't want
desk arms you                                    missing sky mess
lips limo                                              him they hunt
thanks mean                            want him smiled
dollars loser                      angelfish country
head would            waiting forethought
put building              chance her met
conversation help frightened sale
coast trying he kids waiting for
girl close  door         laptops
casually foam    long tops
done door      here again
me safe         have his


shake invisible eyebrows
laptops detector once easy
hope contents doing skills
grabbed incredulous
listen his saying highway
evil leered team know
laugh beamed maniacal
reports time retreat the kill
which miles nothing
other jewelry
police what more famous
but on problem gate out
real liked teared keys
laughing building pass
follow back claim access
out meant burglars
leaned back saying
shrug car number
life home minutes
phone everything car


got parking lot needed open door shrieked younger
out right anything time working for laptop again saw why down
his partner time arrived what embarrassed
evidence deceased dropped body real

—Mark Young

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