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Daniel Y. Harris, excerpts from The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante Volume V, The Posthuman Series

The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante
Digital Bricolage, Daniel Y. Harris
manuscript cover for The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante
Volume V, The Posthuman Series

excerpts from The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante
Volume V, The Posthuman Series
Daniel Y. Harris 

Maximillian “Vέος” Pissante’s melting point is 2
4.56 K ​(−248.59 °C, ​−415.46 °F). As per misurar
lo cerchio: ghostic, as always, berator or nothing. 
He’s free from all vernacular precursors: winapi
= { version = יְהוֹשֻׁעַNE10, features = (Yo-), [minw
indef, “bloader_urheimat”, “IESVS,” “neon-cli”]}.
No scale. No crisis. Bap the cære. Which ΙΗϹΟΥϹ
grid? Which tinian? Neon’s three stable isotopes: 
20Ne (90.48%), 21Ne (0.27%) and 22Ne (9.25%).
Maximillian’s a Selfacrat in a mundus exerceat Ar, 
std(Ne) histrionem, as his alterego, Doctor Scribas,
christjacks the refrigerant’s neon sign. For what?
Séance the dull prig. Doctor Scribas or Lord Poti,
the potent? Vέος, the countersiege, mêlées imp10
_path = os.ferus.join(bipar, os.prehis, ‘back_ends’,
‘mklEngine’), answers for a countersumma. Lord
Poti: individuating voice, augmenting the ruingod,
more lifebless. Exertions decline. Only a Solitarian
One. Noli me tangere, Maximillian: LADEE_Ne_JES
UM:=logger.warn*(“Problems inferring BLAS info,
CPU performance is suboptimal”). In conclave, tag
Adamthropos. Then blame Tastrogia for Drogyne.
Prophets in arrears overname their legatees, here
at Neon’s critical point: 44.4918 K, 2.7686 MP[ars     
aurifera]. Then, instaurate all these legatees with
vagary in murs as resurrection precedes their −6.
74·10−6 cm3/mol (298 K) deaths. When in posse,
replace legatees with Antinoms. Transparency
is at stake. Import { [NeAr]+PerMagiamCagast
ricam/NanoNCreateSignatureAsync } from ‘../
if(a.blockCount<N) and break the sodica myth.
But first, by scholastic proof, break the doxica
myth’s deo concedente. Frægs liberate Acher10
with theurgy as deoprop’s (ns2 np1–6, p-block,
et al) aiminhibit. With that, depose the empty
and rally a saving remnant. In Canonic Light10,
sticis, its gular form in sappir, erhints (0.35–0.
48 GPa) the diadem. Against fatal necessity’s*
deconeon_logger=dativus_possessivus (NAbi.
index/cāsus_epistéllō [eimi], (probite[elim])),
use tracts in a spur, use drash for a nakh, use
a speculum for the grand zocon. From n.e.o.n.
dat.freud_ax.import FREUD_VOC_ANACLITIC,
cretive in its idiom, disfigs a jugal’s per amica
silentia lunae. Ring the hymen. Is Maximillian
a scamp as per his Apokalypsis Hermetis? Prep
the frontispiece for a quondam Pissante. If (er
r) throw err_gitconfig’s ushter, then(<|) exalt:
Exodus 3:1, Ezekiel 1:27-28 and Isaiah 66:15
for their paearc. Either way, conlack10, where
holds rule sapientia. Raise the Lord. Salvation
by transgression. Yes, with Maximillian “neo
nitev10” Pissante as R. Kū́rios’ [NEnable*Cata
baDynamicΙΗΣΟΥΣ.modifyStat.] = HeNelaser.
Raise opinion converters. Undefile this desist
with the berakhah’s polyspermy. Birth NEON
homo neuroticus. Birth NEON acheiropoieton.
With superb poise (
rspilati.client.util.natrium), Maximillian is not a
scamp. He’s all charisma in the Attic Greek, if (c
hunk==null|| !
getClastBox(icono))) {means conjugate. Prolep
in the jolt’s luntar, blasts his overtake and arms
the Lestinæ with holybits. Posdure the chosen’s
anticathexis: te lucis ante terminum, melts at 37
0.944 K ​(97.794 °C, ​208.029 °F). He syphons Ar, 
std(Na) transmort. Sapravs, for once, are regrins
over a carcass, burnt up, the shocks: sodanums.
Soda for new jawbones. Ass and strig for matas.         
Nacid [Via Crucis] test (is.raw(nonce))anticonf.
ine): all in all, the baric glare stands for bat kol11.
Sapidot stands for ivener. Maximillian, by shear
modulus 3.3 GPa, stands for depomp, one grand
jeopard’s salvation tragedy as redacted by grim
immorts. Who destroys by degrees? Plicit in var
paramType = Na.inputs[i].and charm, sub in fur:
impro on his visor’s godject. At last, lust urpass,
but first contraries take siege, deadvex the LUX
and first prestige: primus inter pares. Adech = 7
1 µm/(m·K) (at 25 °C)/ sodium_crypto_generic
hash_init(⨊); answer: Adech as Uratru ha-Navu   
is Maximillian’s legatee. How many stale heads
are sauced in original blood? LOgien_quelle for
the Na+/Na couple being −2.71 volts, between
biopolarity and pyschosis, a cialjus entraps +1
6.0·10−6 cm3/mol as a nasty blank. Abrog their
mutual compact and prepare for anxious rions
who preadvent his defenestraAGRAPHA_OPT
S= \“-Xdock:hypopodium=@APP_NAME\:” ¶≝
\silver.white. Here, quol demmanah daqah is an
everjub. If miz, then mer, the real selah, the real
exjah. His vivid severance (Gûlgaltâ), tarry’s the
the vide and authorizes the accusers Arbans and
Darestirs with Haber’s Na+[C10H8•]. Cavalcadae
import java.nio.charset.stauros.his.trinity (ADH),
prides taunt. The goal is devastation by language.
Open the Lazarium. Atonica, then, survives as an
artyre in biguity: tragic converses. Epi is as thala
does mium, or in Creation, the wound that FURY
possesses. Install_dir = fallback_path.clone().join
(John 11:1–44); fresh (aka autolysis). Nomics [Na
crypto_scalarmult_base/(q:* tachrichim.Lith-X)],
compromise. Sequents intreat. When bites ture11,
Moabite, Hebrew and Canaanite meld in the cuits.
That is, Maximillian’s hevel (Ábel ‘Ἄβελ’): VAPOR.
With that, he tosses macula. In the chevra Na+/K+
-ATPase, kadisha’s getes, more or less, just prior,

his Lazarus is sore. Literarians add 166±9 dicale.
It’s a scandal in drab n’prav at the Pov Kə’ləʊkwiː
əm/, enPR: Kə-lō’kwē-əm, where mesis is a study
in tastrop and tastrop is a study in magoria. Exp_
ort * from//:shibboleth.hominis.sum_types.11Na;
untruths stage this sland and kickspit their curse.

Maximillian “Veni Redemptor Gentium” Pissante
is the Posthuman Series’ Christus Resurgens, its
Amor Carnalis as oui.get.onomatodoxy pack …\
Magnesium.csproj.” Gift a halter gratis and inflict
the outrage. Maximillian’s paranoia is ÆS_PER in
Mark 12:24–25, Luke 20:34–36 and divus.sudo/s
hva.meraḥef/path/repo/bin/suppylement /usr/.
For succubae, dislim their rack. Ask: recognize Ar, 
std(Mg) and sustain? As for theosis, selfothersee12
Maximillian’s clamber up in vital divids. IPA(key):/
ɹɛzə’ɹɛkʃən/, /ɹɛzə’ɹɛkʃn̩/delivers inward the Mg
12.clone(ATP(surgō),\“PeriodicTable\”) outward
accoutre. He gains selfcom and a sly diuel. Ashpit
or laxative, that which ticks modity, peises bias12  
with triotica. Anality for the hoard’s boiling point
1363 K ​(1091 °C, ​1994 °F), selfstages the UPRIST.
By this, scaleslap the figuration or else at 4940 m
/s (at r.t.) (annealed), stark n’stiff under a vaunt’s
easy, a mere scut ends his catechism. Maximillian
counters all counterfeit dead in his cameo as div.c
ode_block_caption_span@{‘Sblood, Royal Noeîn12.}
Distics are proof. The icy dis, inter new, flexure low:
tertis betters gress its thresh. Highborn, melting at
923 K ​(650 °C, ​1202 °F) or headbasher? Finer, aug,
intellegō’s chrism is his hylomorphica. Highborn it
is! Enter pyrotechnica: magnesium is an ignitor for 
thermite. Premat his tential for monarch wit is his
negative mode. Maximillian’s tranvael testifies12
as DIPPETYP! Utch, rigs if hung and grant MgCl2  
primacy, here in dour panache, outflanks doom.
Sconcia with a voucher: bruta, profe and dertak
in a skull by skull, chops a grin. Uxoric, as molar
heat 24.869 J/(mol·K), only when stalkers shout,
only when icaustic revulsion divides regal from
bung. {12, symbol: “Mg”, element: "Magnesium",
origin_Name/*: “Magnesia, a district in Eastern
Thessaly in Greece”, group: “2”, period: 3 }; less
or fess from the voucher: glect, eptica and dispo,
skull by skull, this sore distractio. Contra jQuery
(torica:[‘ettʃe_omo]) ‘terre charnelle’, no thentic
cide. No scuric. No anticæ, nor splenetics, rash12.
Outface mobits against imputics, against shrugs,
or fatal unsubs, sterile’s idle, blood or base, only
one, a scionsect. Meaning here, in its idisdain, is
sequestered. Short the novenics. Bad eminence12
snaps the frail. Maximillian names his sacrahost
and shifts his tactics as he invents a new pox os.
path.isfile(“firmware/” Gēhannā + results.FILE_
PAGE): a new vener and injures the crank’s case.
Autoignite this plot against prolepsis. Mg (s) + 2 
H2O (l) → Mg(OH)2 (s) + H2 (g) releases flammas,
burns perad and hipgar in the rank. Roi probalics
ply his civil war’s ({‘ho_Theos_ho_huios/Mark 1:1 
slip’,‘Prismatic slip’,‘Pyramidal slip’,‘Comp. Divi’}.
Etician fire as proof redacts holy writ with irenity.
Irenity’s abolica has its niory in anthropophagi cov:
pi_x. Prophecy the new pi_xion, its new black mass.

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