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Jim Meirose, Step-by-Step Self-regenerating Great Big Shoe Salesmens

 s’spolsionarium, image by Irene Koronas

Step-by-Step Self-regenerating Great Big Shoe Salesmens   

 Jim Meirose

Come press my head loud key to hum up these talebones; little Chester is the discarded body part s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium the truckers are the predators it was discarded because of s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria the rudimentary substitute salesman filling in for him is the step-by step regenerating shoe salesman s’splosionaria bauble-butt s’spolsionarium in each stage of regeneration what little Chester loses causes him more and more impairment s’splosionaria so wise him s’spolsionarium wise him up s’spolsionarium doll after all you are mom there how ‘bout we go at ten how’s that sound s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium I’m going to the bathroom s’splosionaria and I s’splosionaria will most likely s’spolsionarium bathroom the to going I’m s’splosionaria be a while s’spolsionarium sound that how’s ten at go we ‘bout how s’spolsionarium the others see him one-arming selling s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium superloud bassoonery s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium asd a matter of fact that’s probably the right answer s’splosionaria bassoonery off’n all bassoon-men’s bassoononium-iminalle temptette s’splosionaria why on s’spolsionarium earth s’splosionaria the bassoon dear s’spolsionarium looks like this’s gonna work out s’splosionaria s’splosionaria bassoon is not popular s’spolsionarium bassoon is not popular but this’s gonna work out anyhoot big Slim s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium out slim Lucy s’splosion s’spolsion s’splosion s’spolsionarium ah slim Lucy s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium s’splosion s’spolsion-rarium looks like this’s gonna work out slim Von-Lucy s’splosion s’splosionaria s’spolsion little Chester is the discarded body part s’splosionaria racket s’spolsion keteer s’splosion eterring s’spolsionarium racketeering his truckers are his predators he was discarded ‘cause of s’splo s’spolsionarium s’splo s’spolsionarium the “rudimentary” racketeering-shoe-salesman filling in for him s’splosionaria s’spol s’splo s’spolsionarium updeep! Updeep! This Baronessa Von-Salesman of the known world ‘s filling in for him ‘ss the step-by step s’splosiaria s’spolsionarium s’splosiaria s’spolsionari-con monkey-con monkey-um’s oh yes my sweet prayer by all that’s this step-by-step self-regenerating shoe salesman s’splos s’spolsion s’splosiona s’spolsionarium yah by-buh ‘ss self-regenerating shoe salesman s-s-s-s’splosionaria yah ‘sss self-regenerating shoe salesman s’spolsionarium ah yes this “rudimentary” substitute salesman filling in for him is the step-by step self-regenerating shoe salesman themselves s’splosionaria tic tic s’spolsionarium eck eck s’spolsionarium hey-hum this process is dangerously low on memory this up from backhind my talebone—


Dukie! Hey, Dukie! Come down here right now!

What the hell, wait a minute—where you at?

In the cellar! Get down here!

For Christ’s sake, why?

That tank you brought down here! Come see what’s in it!

Wait a minute!

Okay—Jesus! Hurry up! My God—


—s’splosion s’spolsion s’splosion s’s ah oh ih up backhind my talebone up backhind my talebone time to a-s’splosionaria evacuate b-s’spolsionarium evacuate c-s’splosionaria time-to d-s’spolsionarium and this on top of the rapid over-decomposition of the dumping the filldirt repeated phrase a b c d perhaps tease this in as the base is teased out oh you kid s’splosionaria me s’spolsionarium them s’splosionaria us s’spolsionarium as the base is teased out ess’splosionaria o oss’spolsionarium h uss’splosionaria yo ass’spolsionarium is teased out come-com’ boffa la buffa s’splosionaria u la s’spolsionarium kid lo s’splosionaria oh you kid lo be best s’spolsionarium many evil living things are being forcibly s’splosionaria hop-s’spolsionarium froggy s’splosionaria hop s’spolsionarium are being forcibly extincted down froggy-hop-ionaria big-full-sweep-bonbon baby s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria forcibly extincted-down in the s’splosionaria s’s’splosionaria this here damned process s’splosionaria yes the process this or that process s’spolsionarium that s’splosionaria s’spolsionariusse buh’ s’splosionariette each time s’spolsionario s’splosionarian s’spolsionarrrow-bam s’splo’sizzlin’ from its beginning but starting partial s’spolsionarium starting partial increasing each time s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria increasing each time by an amount leading s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria s’spolsionarium s’splosionaria an amount leading to s’spolsion-s’splosion big-boom s’spolsionarium’s gaseous aortic dizzi-diz-ssection soon the bombers s’spolsionarium s’spolsionairre bombers will be directly s’spl-diplo-s’po directly over head so diplo up the whole thing being stated from s’spolsionarium so hurry up s’spolsionarium hurry-up s’spolsionarium s’spolsionarium stated from the beginning big-s’spolsionarium big-s’splosionaria-pat pat pat t’ de’ end after the “dumping the filldirts” reduces these s’spolsionariums and s’splosionarias down quiet down quiet such that then “dumping the filldirts” reduces this s’splosionaria and the inevitably following s’spolsionariums which may manifest multiply to end after the “dumping the filldirts” reduces to zero every single and double-la’ multiple ex, God willing, to a simple single chambered s’splosionarette fated to end after the “dumping the filldirts” reduce to zero ah to end after the “dumping the filldirts” to end reduce to zero ah ah end to end after the after “dumping the filldirts” the “dumping the filldirts” at last silently slowly stopped ah ah exactly just under low zero as per extensive computation led all but one of us to believe.



Step back, yes.



Double life****

Hows your husband? Still out of town?

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