Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Rose Knapp, Concrète Dasein, et al

Reify #16, image by Irene Koronas

Concrète Dasein
What if Dasein encompassed the theoretical 
And the concrete? What if Dasein is 
A type of alien music? What if Dasein was spiritual?
Syllabic Idyllic 
Harsh IED implosions rocket across
The asemic syllabic skyline
Leaving priestly Latin and lingua francas
Mutated and transformed 
Revenge of Venus
Walls of static white noise crash and cascade
Colliding collaging with broken
Beatific falsetto melodies, perfection in imperfection
Pindaric Arc of Stars
Radiant resplendent red brush over Andromeda’s 
Side eyed shadows, stars burst in cacophonous 
Eruption, volcanic stardust evolving to life

Rose Knapp

Joel Chace, Flâneurs

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